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Why a do you need a secured self storage?

There are many reasons, someone want to rent a self storage unit. Here are some of them.

Here is why self-storage is worthwhile

Self-storage is particularly useful for those who do not have enough space and need it, as quickly as possible. That space, we offer it to you in our warehouse in Stuttgart.

Storage rooms of 1m³, 1m ², 2m ² and 3m ², are await you, which you can load with almost everything you have in your home or office, but you cannot have it there because you need more space.

Self-storage, is there to give you more space. The ceiling height in all storage rooms is 2.70m. Only the locker (1m³) have 1m long, wide and high, you can fit 117 ring binder there.

What are the advantages of storing with Smartbox?

With us, you not only store, but also receive a lot of advantages. This is ensured above all, by our friendly and qualified employees, as well as our broad criteria for all aspects of storage:

How do I find your perfect storage space size?

Now that you know, that your goods are not only safe, but also in perfect hands with us at Smartbox, you may have other questions like how big does your store unit is? How can you fit perfectly your goods? Many overestimate the space factor in a storage room and prefer to rent a larger unit of space than they actually need, leaving a lot of free space unused. This is perfectly normal, but with our help, you can rent exactly the storage space you need and save money! We can help you with our room calculator.

EXTRA TIP: This is our Smartbox´s that will help you

1 box has 0.1 m³. Correspondingly, 10 cardboard boxes or 117 Leitz files fit into a 1 m³ room. That means with us you have:
- 1m² warehouse: 2.7m³ / 27 cartons / 315 Leitz folder
- 2m² warehouse: 5.4m³ / 54 cartons / 631 Leitz folder
- 3m² warehouse: 8.1m³ / 81 cartons / 947 Leitz files

" Our customers are always surprised how little storage space is actually needed when we advise you. "

Do you want your treasures, important things, files, etc. to keep it in a safe? Let our warehouse experts advise you free of charge.

Calculate your storage space

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This is how it works

Storage Calculation and reservation

With SmartBox you can calculate the storage space you need and reserve it online, by phone or by email. If you are unsure how much space you need, we will be happy to help you.

Storage unit and lease

We will show you the right storage space and then we will discuss all the details.

Free transportation

To make it easier for you to transport your items, we offer you a free van and trolley in which you can easily and conveniently transport your items to your rented storage unit box.

Reserve your storage unit